[WA] Slimline - Number Plate Bracket

Security Screws: NO Security Screws
Matching Number Plate Cover: No Covers
Adapter Plate (Option for Rear Bracket Only): Adapter Plate Not Required
Sale price$160.00



Flow Designs Number Plate Brackets are an elegant mounting solution, designed to re-align Australian number plates to your desired location.

The multi-fit hole pattern eliminates the need to drill additional holes into your tailgate, bumper and number plate, by utilising pre-existing holes created by the manufacturer or dealership.

EXPLANATION VIDEO: Do I need a Rear Mercedes Adapter Plate?

Install Instructions (PDF)

• 5005 CNC milled aluminium bracket anodised black
• Ultrathin, borderless design
• Creates an elegant floating effect
• Eliminates the need to drill into your number plate
• Eliminates the need to drill into your bumper
• Black Stainless Hardware
• Number plate protector compatible
• Fits a wide range of manufactures
• Designed in Melbourne.

 Kit Includes

• 1x Slimline black anodised aluminium bracket
• Black stainless hardware
• 3M VHB double-sided adhesive squares
• 3M Primer adhesion promoter
• 3mm Allan Key
• 4mm Allan Key
• Fitting guide

Optional Extras

• Black stainless steel security screws with Key
1 x Altrex Number Plate Cover
• 1 x King Pin Number Plate Cover
• 1 x Mercedes Rear Adapter Plate

EXPLANATION VIDEO: Do I need a Rear Mercedes Adapter Plate?



Plate size: 372mm (w) x 100mm (h)

• WA Slimline : Custom aluminium
• WA Slimline : Acrylic
• WA Slimline : Design
• WA Slimline : Euro Custom
• WA Slimline : Euro Custom Plus
• WA Slimline : Euro Custom Premium
• WA Slimline : Baby Euro
• WA Slimline : Euro Style
• WA Slimline : Intense
• WA Slimline : Metalic
• WA Slimline : Name
• WA Slimline : Personalised
• WA Slimline : Platinum
• WA Slimline : Prestige
• WA Slimline : Biz Plates
• WA Slimline : Chinese Zodiac Series
• WA Slimline :Sport
• WA Slimline : Retro

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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
deon / nathan Marshall
Tas slim line number

Great to deal with and would recommend

Todd Gluch
GR Corolla Slimline Number Plate Bracket

The good thing is that it seems well built and the end result worked out fairly well how I ended up doing it. There are a lot more negatives though. The GR corolla bracket kit seemed to be over complicated and a bit of waste of time - the only parts I ended up using were the little spacers to fix to the original screw locations. The other brackets supplied seem pointless and difficult to make line up and you don't actually need them as you can use a small spacer from the number plate bracket kit and bolt the number plate bracket straight to the little spacer/adapters which is both easier and cleaner. The number plate bracket gives you all the height and side to side adjustment that you would ever need.
So the GR kit is expensive for what you actually really need out of it and I'm not sure what the thinking was behind the design of it.
The number plate bracket is also expensive for what you get - it being a generic kit you end up with a heap of fixings that you don't need. So you pay all the money for parts you don't need. I get it is easier to have them as a 'generic' fit for most vehicles, but having to pay for so much wasted items is pretty annoying.
It gets worse if you order the security fixings as you pay extra for those but also get the original fixings that you no longer need to use, so it cost you more and you end up with more wasted fixings.
I'm happy with how I ended up getting it to work, but I'm not happy about having to pay so much money for a kit that I used less than half the pieces of it. Surely a car specific kit would be specific for the car in all ways, so should be no more or no less than what you need to make it work.
I probably wouldn't be quick to recommend it to anyone else as it is too expensive for what you get/need to use and the result could be achieved easier and simpler.

Dan Agius
M2 Number Plate Holder

Neat, clean and easy to install

claudio o pantusa

[VIC] Euro Mini - Number Plate Bracket 372mm (w) x 100mm (h)


Great service from the guys at Flow Designs!

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