How to remove Audi number plate holder using our number plate bracket

This video shows you how to remove the factory number plate holder with the help of our number plate bracket. No Drilling is required.

Modern Audi's come with a large number plate holder to suit European number plates. When mounting Australian plates, they look terrible and way too big! But, without it, there is no flat surface to mount the number plate.

Using our aluminium brackets, you can easily adapt your number plate to the car without the need to drill any holes. 

 What you need

  1.  Audi with detachable number plate holder
  2. Flow Bracket matching your existing number plate style.

Installation Steps - Approximate 15 minutes 

  1. Remove existing number plate
  2. Remove factory plastic number plate holder
  3. Assemble aluminum number plate bracket with spacers (included in kit)
  4. Fit bracket into existing holes on the car
  5. Attach number plate with hardware provided.